The Problem

In the 17401 ZIP code, more than one in three people (37.9%) live below the federal poverty line. Throughout York County, one in ten people live below that line.

Many try to live on minimum wages, but it’s never enough. People like Aurishia, a single mother of three young girls, often work two or more jobs . . . but still fall behind. They often face an impossible choice: Do I pay rent? Or do I buy food for my family?

Aurishia and her daughters ended up homeless. “It was so humbling,” she says. “The first week, I cried myself to sleep every night. I couldn’t understand.”

For many neighbors, it’s more than just poverty, hunger, and homelessness. Many wrestle with addictions and/or mental illness. Many are victims of abuse. Many are depressed, even suicidal.

We’re surrounded by broken people in desperate need of help.

Where will they turn? And how can you help?

The Solution

Aurishia is one of tens of thousands who have turned to LifePath Christian Ministries (formerly York Rescue Mission) for help over the decades. She found the help she needed and landed back on her feet . . . and now her family is in a good place.

Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve met many such needs for a long time. We believe that focusing on physical needs isn’t enough. We are called to go deep, to love those who need it most — regardless of their condition or what got them there.

When we focus on loving others unconditionally, beyond just meeting basic needs, we’re compelled to pour into their lives with the goal of total transformation, inside and out.

LifePath aims to love, honor, and serve all. And that mission includes you.

Everyone is called to serve, whether that’s helping at a food drive, giving financial support, or just dropping off old clothes. Because when we come together as a community to love those around us, incredible things happen. People’s lives are radically changed. And our community, our home, becomes an even more beautiful place to live.

Will you join us on the journey?

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