Spread the word and become a Champion for LifePath Christian Ministries during Give Local York

Spread the world and become a Champion for LifePath Christian Ministries during Give Local York

Melanie Hady believes that Yorkers want to help their neighbors who are struggling with poverty or homelessness.  

She also knows that most of them don’t have thousands of dollars laying around to donate to non-profits like LifePath Christian Ministries who support those in need. 

But, maybe they can spare $10. And what if they asked 10 of their friends if they, too, could spare $10 to help those most in need in their community? 

What started out as a small donation could quickly grow into a wide network of support.  

That’s the idea behind the new Champions program out of Give Local York, a 24-hour online giving extravaganza where donors support their favorite local nonprofit organizations. This year, Give Local has added a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising component, and LifePath is using this tool to adopt a Team approach to the mix. 

“A champion is a supporter who rallies around our cause to fundraise on our behalf,” says Melanie, LifePath’s marketing and communications manager.  

The City of York has experienced an incredible revitalization, she says. But over 30 percent of people who live in the 17401 ZIP code still live below the poverty line. LifePath supports those in need with shelters, food support, and a learning center to help people build life skills to end the cycle of homelessness. 

Becoming a Champion 

The Champions program is a way for people to extend their reach of helping their neighbors.  

Those who say ‘Yes’ to champion for LifePath Christian Ministries will be given a personalized Give Local Champion website. Then, they can spread the word to friends and family or over social media, encouraging them to donate through the page. 

“We thought this was a great fit for us because we know we have people who are passionate about our cause who could help expand our reach,” Melanie says. 

For LifePath, it’s not just about raising money. It’s about spreading the word of what they do to help the most vulnerable in our community.  

Every single day, LifePath Christian Ministry helps feed, clothe, shelter, teach, and walk alongside their neighbors in need. 

And that is a mission worth sharing.

Want to become a Champion? You don’t have to wait for an invitation. Go to givelocalyork.org, search for LifePath, and then click on the FUNDRAISE button to sign up, OR contact Leah Wiley, lwiley@lcmo.dsastg.net or 717-845-7662, ext. 1103.