Office volunteer finds her own way to contribute to LifePath’s mission

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Mary Ann Bull says her time spent at LifePath Christian Ministries is a rewarding experience.

Mary Ann Bull says she’s been blessed with a good life.

It’s partly why she’s been a volunteer at LifePath Christian Ministries for the past six years. She sees it as a way for her to give back.

“I get joy out of it,” she says, “knowing that I’m doing something to benefit people who really need help.”

To Mary Ann, Lifepath’s much more than a rescue mission.

Not only do they help those who may have fallen on hard times, whether from divorce, drug addiction, job loss, financial crisis or family challenges, they also prepare and provide individuals with life skills such as managing money or job interview skills.

“They have a good reputation and are truly concerned with the individuals who come to them,” she says. “I like the programs they set up to help those people.”

Immediate needs are met first – food, shelter, clothing. Once that’s taken care of, life-changing programs, classes and services are then offered to provide more sustainable “life” skills for the individuals to help re-enter and live in society.

As an office volunteer, Mary Ann doesn’t usually come in direct contact with the individuals seeking assistance.

Ultimately, it’s knowing that the unknown, troubled faces seeking out LifePath are regaining their self-worth and their life, indirectly through Mary Ann’s volunteer efforts, that brings the greatest reward to her.

“It’s a good feeling seeing the benefits that others are getting from the program,” she says, “and being able to help in my own way.”

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