Men’s Shelter

We provide a holistic approach, aiming for spiritual, emotional, vocational, and physical health, with the ultimate goal of equipping men to flourish personally and in the community.

Your generosity makes it all possible. Thank you!

Two-Track System

Track 1: Our basic program offers up to 45 consecutive nights, during which time an individual seeks to do the things they need to get accomplished to get back on their feet. Each Track 1 guest is assigned a Guest Advocate, whose role is to come alongside them during their time and offer support, resourcing, and accountability.

Track 2: Track 2 offers a deeper involvement to individuals who realize the brokenness which has brought them to this point in life, and have an openness to do the work of deeper change. This consists of a longer stay at the shelter, during which classes and meetings offer further guidance and healing. Deeper accountability and engagement in programming is required to succeed in this program.

How to get started/learn more: Contact the men’s shelter at (717)472-8890 for more information and bed availability. Photo ID required for registration. Advanced registration for beds is not available.

Individuals needing clothing, household items may come to the Men’s Shelter at 367 W. Market St.:

Fridays, 1-2 p.m.

For more information on our Men’s Shelter, contact:

Micah Heckert
Phone: 717.845.7662 ext. 1109