LifePath volunteer Adam Kotzman driven to help others

LifePath volunteer Adam Kotzman driven to help others 1
LifePath volunteer Adam Kotzman driven to help others 1

Selling cars is a tough business, often with long hours.

You might think the last thing someone would do after a grueling week on the car lot is drive 25 miles to work as a volunteer.

But, Adam Kotzman wouldn’t have it any other way.

Answering the Call to Serve

“For a long time, I steered away from volunteering, and was kind of self-centered,” Adam says. “Everything revolved around me, and I felt I earned my time off and wanted to do fun things.”

But earlier this year, Living Word Community Church, where Adam worships, invited community groups to promote what they do and recruit volunteers. That’s when Adam heard the call from God to serve others and get involved in his community.

“LifePath stood out. Everyone seemed so nice, and they offered so many different ways of getting involved, and they worked with my schedule,” Adam says.

Doing what is needed

For the past three months, Adam has been working in LifePath’s downtown Economy Store, helping in the furniture section. He does everything from unloading and cleaning up donated furniture, to running the register, to putting items customers purchase in their cars.

“I like that they help needy families and people who are struggling,” Adam says. “There have been times when I needed help, but I had family to step in. Not everyone has that, so I put myself in their shoes and try to help.”

A no-pressure situation

Adam commits four hours a week, often on Wednesday – his day off – to the LifePath store. He says everyone there is always so grateful for what he does, and he likes the group’s Christian morals. No one pressures him to give more time than he has in his busy schedule.

Whatever help you can offer, he says, LifePath will take.

“Based on whatever your talents are,” he says, “there’s a way and a place to help out.”