It was just after Christmas when Nancy came to our door. “I’d messed up,” she recalls. She was unsure and a little afraid, but she was certain she needed to find God’s grace at LifePath.

“It was like being a nomad for a while—about nine months,” she says, shaking her head, the desperation she’d felt on the street still plain on her face.

“It was awful: I was broken . . . broken down. My soul was lost, my faith almost nonexistent.”

Nancy’s life hadn’t always been hard, earning a good living as a paralegal and executive assistant to the managing partner of a law firm. Then her health began to fail. “It was my back,” she says. “I had herniated discs, and sometimes you get to a point where you’re in so much pain, you’re just shaking. I couldn’t do anything but shake.”

Then, finding herself out of work and on disability during these difficult days, she struggled just to make ends meet. “It was a big shocker,” she says. Depressed and hurting, she turned to alcohol “to numb myself to the situation that I was in, trying to pretend it didn’t exist when it really did.

“It was very bad for me. I know there’s always something worse, but for me, I was just in a dark hole trying to crawl my way out . . .

“And the people here at LifePath saved my life. I think they really have saved my life.”

God guided Nancy to our door, to the Christ-centered care we provide at LifePath! “This place has really been a blessing!”

That blessing is what your faithful support makes possible each day—and on Christmas Day—for neighbors like Nancy. She admits gratefully, “I don’t want to think about where else I would be.” I really don’t want to think about it because I’m here, and I’m not going there, anymore.”