“If Not for LifePath, I’d Be Sleeping On the Streets”

LifePath focuses on mental health in new approach to addressing homelessness 4Homer was homeless for much of 2019, never knowing where his next meal would come from or whether he would have a warm place to stay during the frigid winter months. He was a Navy veteran but had no one left in his life to help him get back on his feet. Until one day, a friend offered him a place to stay in his apartment in York.

With nothing left to lose, he spent his last bit of money on a bus ticket from Texas to York. But what was meant to be a hope-filled opportunity turned into a hopeless and devastating reality.

Homer arrived in York with all his belongings in a single suitcase at an abandoned address. All phone calls to his future roommate went unanswered . . . no communication . . . no response.

Homer realized he truly had nowhere to go . . . no one else left to call . . . and no hope for new life remaining.

Aimlessly walking through the streets of York, a kind stranger found and directed a distraught Homer to LifePath. When he arrived, he struggled to express what had happened and how, suddenly, he was homeless again, now in a city he knew nothing about. Caring staff comforted him and offered a good hot meal, all the while assuring him that he could count on safe shelter until he found a job and got back on his feet again.

Just when all hope seemed lost, LifePath became a great comfort to a very frightened Homer during this difficult time. “I’ve never been in a shelter before,” he says. “I didn’t expect this to happen, and I was just happy I didn’t have to sleep on the streets.”

Homer says, “Everybody here has been nice. They’ve really helped me out.”


Homelessness can truly happen to anyone! But because of your generous support, people like Homer can receive food, shelter, and hope needed during their most difficult times in life. Please partner with LifePath again today to help people who are hungry and afraid get the help they urgently need.

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