Giving back to York shelter brings life full circle for donor

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For Curtis Rook, donating to LifePath means bringing hope to those in need.

A few years ago, Curtis Rook was invited to a breakfast and tour at LifePath Christian Ministries Men’s Shelter. When the tour reached the room where the men slept, he stopped short.

“It was a ‘Wow, oh my gosh’ moment,” Curtis says.

He’d been where these men were. This room looked like a room he had stayed in 13 years earlier.

He knew he needed to help.

Relatable situation

In 2002, Curtis lost his job.  A few months later, he lost his apartment.

He was a widower with three daughters, no job, and no home. He was scared and depressed and he needed help.

His church connected him with a place to stay with men in similar situations.

It took a few years, but eventually Curtis got back on his feet.

Hope instead of despair

When he walked into the men’s living area at LifePath, it took him right back there, to when he was the one in need of help. He knew God had put him on this path.

Now, Curtis commits a large portion of his tithes to LifePath.

He remembers what it was like to be on the receiving end of help.

“All of the sudden there was hope instead of just despair,” he says.

God’s plan coming full circle

Programs like LifePath give someone in a hopeless situation a reason to hope, he says, and take the next step forward.

Curtis is thankful to be the one giving back now. Being in that room in the men’s shelter brought everything full circle for him. It was God’s plan that led him there.

It’s his turn to be the one providing a helping hand, to bring hope to someone in despair.

He knows the impact that hope can provide, and he’s thankful he can help.

Support LifePath during Give Local York 

LifePath Christian Ministries is working to raise $50,000 during Give Local York on May 4 to support the Women and Children’s Shelter. Donate to LifePath between midnight and 11:59 a.m. on May 4.