Getting their foot in the door: LifePath connects clients with local employers

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Scott Beattie has seen the excitement first-hand — that moment when one of “the guys” from LifePath Christian Ministries finds out he got a job.  

“To see somebody reach a piece of their potential they never saw before, it’s a real encouragement,” says Scott, Life Skills Manager at LifePath. 

Now, he’s helping more of the men and women in new, long-term programs at the ministry reach their potential by connecting with local businesses willing to give them a chance at employment. 

There are a lot of obstacles to navigate. 

Some of the clients at LifePath have some criminal history. Most don’t have cars.  

But, through these continuing programs at LifePath, they’re working to better themselves — to learn new life skills, break bad habits, and transform their lives — all with the support of the staff at the organization. 

Opening doors 

Scott understands he’s asking employers to take a chance on these individuals. But, those employers should also know that the employee comes with a solid backing from LifePath. 

“What they’re getting are employees who have a support system around them to help them navigate the trials and the struggles,” Scott says. 

LifePath isn’t an employment agency. But, they’re trying to become that point of connection between their clients – who may have barriers to getting a job on their own – and potential employers. 

“Most of the opportunities I’ve had in my life have come because of a relationship I had with someone else,” Scott says. “I look at it as we are helping facilitate opening doors for individuals who may not have been able to get a door opened for them prior.” 

Building hope 

The program just started in the past six months, but already Scott has seen success. 

Wolfgang Confectioners is their most successful partnership so far.  

Through the affiliation, Wolfgang has hired several individuals from LifePath who may not otherwise have been considered for a job, Scott says. 

“It builds their self-esteem, being able to go to work every day in a fulfilling way,” he says. “And it also builds hope for the future.” 

Scott is building hope, too. He’s working to grow the program — to be able to connect more local employers with the men and women working to better themselves through LifePath. 

Those interested can learning more can email Scott at