Almost 2,000 miles away, woman maintains a big heart for LifePath Christian Ministries

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You can take the girl out of York County, but in Linda Mosser’s case, you can’t take the desire to help her hometown. 

Linda, a York County native residing in Billings, Montana, has continued her financial support for LifePath Christian Ministries since moving away.  

“This is my way of helping my home,” she says. “I’ve seen LifePath transform people’s lives, and I believe in what LifePath does.” 

She says God has been good to her and her family. Doing this is in her and her husband’s heart. 

Witnessing transformation 

Linda got involved through her son, John, whose business made monthly food donations to the organization. Linda went along on deliveries to the pantry and began serving food to people coming in off the street. 

“You could just see the value of it, the absolute transformation when someone needs a hand up,” Linda says.  

While getting physical nourishment, Linda says people are “also becoming healthy inside” through LifePath’s spiritual work. 

But what really sticks with her is seeing many of those helped by LifePath now working to help others themselves. 

Up and out, not down and out 

One man, in particular, stands out. 

“I would run into this gentleman and talk to him,” Linda says. “He had failed in his life somewhere and went through the LifePath program. He failed again, but he came back and tried again. The second time after getting the help he needed, he was going to be up and out, not down and out.” 

Linda sees this in many people who work in the kitchen at LifePath. They went from the streets to having a purpose in their lives, and now they’re helping others achieve that change. 

“People reaching out and helping others makes a better community,” Linda says. “How can you not support that?” 

Even from 2,000 miles away.