After 20 years in and out of prison, LifePath sets Dallastown man on new track

After 20 years in and out of prison, LifePath sets Dallastown man on new track

Mike Wechsler, 51, thought he’d be an atheist his entire life. When he noticed the Christians around him had a different life trajectory, he opened his heart to Christ.

Walking down the aisle with his new bride on his arm, Mike Wechsler felt like he’d overcome the world. At 51, the Dallastown man is living a life he never dreamed of. “This wasn’t the trajectory I was on,” he says.

After 20 years in and out of the state prison system, Mike started to think his life would amount to nothing more. But then, the life-long atheist started to notice something: The people around him who were Christians were on a different path. He saw that their lives had changed. They got out of prison. They didn’t come back.

In 2016, he accepted Christ as his savior. In 2018, when he was ending his final sentence in prison for a robbery at a Wal-Mart, he found LifePath Christian Ministries on a list of places that could help him change his life. They were the only place that said, “Yes, we will help you.”

For nine months, Mike lived in the Men’s Shelter. He went through LifePath’s programs and worked with counselors who left an impact on him and would later become lifelong friends.


Today, he works as a machine operator at Wolfgang Confectionaries in Loganville. He married a Christian woman he met at York Grace Brethren Church, better known as YGBC. One of his LifePath counselors was a groomsman in the wedding.

Mike hopes to pursue home ownership and better financial stability. He has visited LifePath on occasion to speak to guests in the Men’s Shelter, sharing his story and encouraging others to put in the work to change their lives.

“It takes swallowing your pride and recognizing that you need help to make a real change,” he says. “There’s nothing shameful or embarrassing about that. You have to be willing to let God change you and then work to see that change.”

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